Master studies at Singidunum University

Why Pursue a Master's Degree?

  1. Higher level of education increases the employment opportunities,
  2. Individual approach to candidate through mentoring significantly accelerates learning and advancement,
  3. Contemporary curricula provide an upgrade of practical and theoretical knowledge acquired during the bachelor studies,
  4. Through the preparation of master thesis, a candidate learns to explore, to announce the results of his investigations and in such a way is getting prepared for doctoral studies,
  5. By researching, a candidate is getting familiar with the new trends in the selected scientific field.

In the end, the biggest advantage of master study programs is the freedom of choice. At master programs, a candidate is entitled to make independent selection of the areas within which he/she, , along with the mentor,  will design and conduct the research; which means that for the first time throughout the education a student is fully free to choose the topic which reflects his/her interests in the best way.

Having defended the master paper, candidates acquire the title of master in the selected scientific field.

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